Safety Glass – Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is the same ordinary glass which at the specified temperature is heated and then instantly is cooled so that its resistance has been raised 5 to 6 times.

During this process, the glass resistance to shock, bending, tensile and thermal stresses is multiplied by several times. Safety glass is hardly breakable and withstands external forces and in the case of breakage, it will break into small pieces so as to minimize the damage.

Tempered glass is not capable of cutting, drilling, shaping or any kind of change.

This kind of glass due its appropriate safety and thermal resistance is used as residential, office and commercial buildings entrance facades, banks, hotels, crowded buildings, glass partitions, decoration glass and different kinds of tables

Production Specifications

  • Glass Thickness from 4 to 19 mm
  • Glass Dimensions: 321 * 600
شیشه های ایمنی سکوریت - شیشه ایمنی سکوریت


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