Laminated glass

Laminated glass is a kind of glass which consists of two or multi layers of float glass between which a flexible plastic layer, EVA or PVB, is located. The glass and the layers between them are bonded by heat and pressure.

Nowadays laminated glass is used in cases in which damage caused by glass breakage is possible, such as ceilings, glass facades, cars, character protection and bulletproof /explosion-proof glass

The main features of laminated glass

The effect of using laminated glass in security, noise reduction, UV removal and control of harmful radiation is stunning. Glass lamination prevents spreading of glass pieces in the case of breakage and almost completely prevents UV ray, so prevents the color fading of furniture and home appliances such as carpets and decorations inside the buildings.

Protective control of laminated glass reduces the sunlightradiation and the glare of the sun, making it possible to see objects without disturbing the reflection rays

A) EVA laminated glass:

Laminated glass made by EVA talc due to the unique properties of this kind of talc in building industry and decoration is increasingly used throughout the world. It has the :following prominent properties:

  • High variation in color
  • Adhesion to different surfaces such as stone, glass ceramic tile, wood and paper
  • Longevity under different atmospheric conditions
  • (Reduction of over 98% harmful sunlight radiation(UV
  • Tensile strength 16/6MPA
  • Very good insulation against noise and water and moisture
  • Ability to blend with various fabrics over 300 designs
  • Ability to blend with beautiful sheets of paper with over 50 designs

B) PVB Laminated glass:

This kind of glass is produced to consume as anti-theft safety glass and bulletproofed with a high safety factor against impact. Some of its prominent properties are:

  • high transparency
  • high tensile strength compliant with 23MPA
  • 99% ray reduction
  • resistant to decay and discoloration with a 20-year warranty

Using three-layer laminated glass with the broken middle layer as a decorative work in Tables, floors, elevators and stairs has many fans


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