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“The prosperity of every society and the growth and prosperity of any country lies on deep vision of its elite” Creating productive and wealth making employment by focusing on needs of any society is the most important duty of industrialists. Foroughi factories group is made of industrialists who believe in the above quote and as an effective member, even though as a small part of this honorable society, have done well in the glass industry which itself is a pivot in Iran to reach a developed, industrially sustainable society The intellectual philosophy of …

Introducing Factories

Product Introduction

Safety Glass – Tempered Glass


This kind of glass due its appropriate safety and thermal resistance is used as residential, and commercial buildings entrance facades, glass partitions, and different kinds of tables

Energy controller glass


Of the most important and most used types of this type of glass are Low E, PLANIBEL G and SUNERGY Low E and PLANIBEL glass prevent heat loss from building.

Bent shatterproof glass


This glass is used for interior decoration, elevator path, patio roof, glass partitions, circular showcases, glass railings and exterior view

Double glazed,insulated glass


Makes double glazed glass a suitable type for economizing energy and heat and also reducing noise pollution in building windows, hospitals, libraries, museums and buildings margined to the populated streets.


Foroughi’s factory set up to develop business relations with regional countries in exporting products. The company seeks to export its products to marginal countries by obtaining export licenses as an independent company using scientific marketing techniques and target markets.The presence in the markets of Iraq, Qatar, Georgia, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey and Tajikistan marks the beginning of the company’s business dealings with CIS countries, which the company has taken a step on.

Executive Projects

Esfahan International Exhibition

Shiraz Persian Gulf

Meraj e Qeshm

Qeshm city center

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